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Eleonor Lamb Title My Name is Eleanor
Speaker Eleanor Lamb
Level Siren Alley
Transcript: Sometimes if you make a diary... you can play it later and it's almost like you have a friend. My name is Eleanor. I'm six and... I'm not an orphan. I had Mummy, and Auntie Grace... even if Uncle Stanley was bad. Tomorrow the doctor comes to visit. He says I'm very special. I asked why and he smiles.

Location: Removed audio diary found in the localization texts and associated with the audio file RED_L_LBS_Diary_01.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This audio diary shares its name with another one, though the later is accurate to the plot of the final version of game. The present one refers to a previous version of the plot, in which Grace Holloway was married to Stanley Poole.

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