The Montgomery Residence library.

Until the negro is equal, none of us are equal.
― Columbia Friends of the Negro Society[src]

The Montgomery Residence is a building in Columbia, found in the Comstock Center Rooftops. The man and woman who live here are part of the "Columbia Friends of the Negro Society", who advocate for equality among races, operate an egalitarian press on the premises, and even open their home to the less fortunate. Two weary travelers are sleeping on the beds in the bedroom.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

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When Booker enters the kitchen, he overhears them discussing the Vox Populi (the woman pities the oppressed black citizens, while the man insists that violence cannot be the right answer). When Booker confronts the unarmed couple, they realize that he's the one the police are after. Suddenly, some patrolmen knock at the door demanding entrance, but the couple keep quiet. If Booker remains quiet as well, the officers, assuming no one is home, do not enter; but if he fires a shot, the cops burst in and start firing.


Behind the ScenesEdit

Am I Not a Man and a Brother poster
  • The Columbia Friends of the Negro Society poster is based off of a 1787 medallion designed by Josiah Wedgwood for the British anti-slavery campaign, "Am I Not a Man and a Brother?"

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