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Stanley Poole Title Mole
Speaker Stanley Poole
Level Pauper's Drop
AD gNr046-lNr12 Stanley Poole - Mole f0096
Transcript: I wish I could publish this stuff. It's newsman paydirt. Sinclair says Ryan's making a move against Sofia Lamb, and they want to cut me in on the action. They're building a case that Lamb's a closet pinko. Sort of an undercover thing -- so, I cozy up to this guy Wales who works for Lamb, makin' like I want to join up. Then I find out whether he grew his beard for Jesus... or Karl Marx.

Location: Beside a Rosie corpse in the tunnel between the Market and the plaza in front of the Limbo Room.

AD gNr046-lNr12 Stanley Poole - Mole f0097

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