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Eleonor Lamb Title Misbehaving
Speaker Eleanor Lamb
Level Siren Alley
AD gNr060-lNr05 Eleanor Lamb - Misbehaving f0124

Eleanor Lamb: (sound of hacking initiated) Well, Mr. Diary -- Mum's got a new security system, to stop me from seeing Amir and the other kids. But security's just made of bits and bobs, like you are -- and now we're the best of friends, isn't that right? Anyway, Amir's got a whole book about the surface -- it has India and Ireland, and... and everywhere! Yes, all right, Mr. Diary -- if you must know, (sound of landing the hacking needle) I do think Amir's kind of pretty, (sound of landing the needle again) for a dog eater. (sound of a security alarm) (gasp) Oh no! Retreat!

Sofia Lamb: Eleanor! Come back here at once!

Location: On a counter in the locked lower area of the Poisoned Apple in Little Eden Plaza.

AD gNr060-lNr05 Eleanor Lamb - Misbehaving f0125

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