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Yi Suchong Title Mind Control Test
Speaker Yi Suchong
Level Rapture Central Control
Mind Control Test
Yi Suchong - Mind Control Test

Suchong: Is that your puppy? She's very pretty...

Little Boy (presumably Jack): Thank you, Papa Suchong.

Suchong: Break her neck for me.

Little Boy: What?

Suchong: Break that sweet puppy's neck.

Little Boy: No... please...

Suchong: Break that puppy's neck -- would you kindly...

Little Boy: No... no... *snap*

Suchong: Very good.

Location: Control Room, on the table beneath the photos. The player cannot backtrack to get this Audio Diary.

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BaSE1-AudioDiaryIcon9 Title Mind Control Test
Speaker Yi Suchong
Level Dr. Suchong's Free Clinic
Date July the 12th, 1956

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • In Episode Two of Burial at Sea, one can find this very same audio log on a side drawer near a bed. It's the last collectible audio log to unlock the achievement/trophy The Whole Story.
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