Kinetoscope Mighty Songbird Patrols the Skies

"Mighty Songbird Patrols the Skies!"
Level: Soldier's Field

[the Songbird nimbly flies and scans the skies with its searchlight-like eyes]
Fear not Good Citizens of Columbia!
[footage of people pointing towards the sky: a suited man, a food vendor, and a woman in a hat]
The True Patriot has nothing to fear from The Songbird!

Location: On the boardwalk near Dimwit & Duke Ice Cream Shoppe.

KIN gNr011-lNr02 Mighty Songbird Patrols the Skies! f0748


BioShock Infinite Mighty Songbird patrols the skies!00:18

BioShock Infinite Mighty Songbird patrols the skies!

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