BaSE1-AudioDiaryIcon2 Title Message in a Bottle
Speaker Moses Lydecker
Level Fontaine's Department Store
Date December the 5th, 1958
Message in a Bottle
Message in a Bottle
Transcript: I keep dropping Audio Diaries in the Pneumo tube like a message in a goddamn bottle. Hoping one'll get through and someone'll save me... If you get this, send help. I'm hole up in the shoe storeroom. The code's 0-9-2-8.

Location: On a desk in the back room of the Jewelry store, at the Ladieswear department.

VP gNr089-lNr05 Moses Lydecker - Message in a Bottle f0681 VP gNr089-lNr05 Moses Lydecker - Message in a Bottle f0682

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