Message Received, Ryan! is a Need to Know Theater found in the Test-Drive area of Fontaine's in Rapture. The theater machine is a modified version of the theater: Taking the Taint Out of Fontaine made by Atlas, and used to show his propaganda message against Ryan. This crude film was created in Fontaine's Department Store by Atlas with the help of his supporters, in an effort to gain support for his rebellion.

NTKT Atlas

"Message Received, Ryan!"
Level: Housewares

Transcript: The time has come, brothers and sisters. Did you want to keep climbin' Andrew Ryan's ladder, just to watch him knock it down as you're reachin' the top? The cards are stacked. What's a bunch of fine words, if there ain't deeds to back them up? Rapture was supposed to be different. But the only thing that separates it from the slums of New York or Glasgow are about a million gallons of salt water. Ryan sent a clear message when he had Frank Fontaine put down: "It's time all you learned your place." I'll tell you what, Ryan: Message received! Loud and clear! And here's what the people of Rapture have to say to you: If you won't give us what we want, we're more than happy to come and take it!

Location: Downstairs in the Test-Drive shop next to a Circus of Values and a glass door.

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Burial at Sea Episode 2 Message Received, Ryan!!01:13

Burial at Sea Episode 2 Message Received, Ryan!!

Atlas' message to Andrew Ryan.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jockey cartoon

The cartoon version of the Jockey.

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