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BI Gear VendingM

A defaced machine in Shantytown.

The Mendelssohn Kinematic Couture is a Gear Vending Machine in the city of Columbia. The machine itself depicts a automaton dressed as a stereotypical Hebrew tailor, with stylized hair and cap. The only machines of this type encountered by Booker are broken down, with anti-Semitic insults painted over the sign.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Gear Store or Tailor Machine were supposedly meant to be used in the same way as Rapture's Gene Bank, but the idea got scrapped later in development for unknown reasons. However, the store itself is still seen in-game, often in shambles with a single piece of Gear by its side. Files in the game reveal voice clips meant for the store usage, as well as menus allowing Gear options for switching. This implies that you could buy Gear rather than finding it scattered around Columbia.
  • Early models and concept art for the Tailor Machine indicate that the vending machine was meant to have undergone a cosmetic change in-universe, with the name being rebranded to "Father Franklin Kinematic Couture", and the automaton design being altered. Interestingly, a Citizen in the Path of the Scroll remarks that the "Father Franklin machines will be taking new stock soon," suggesting the variant machines do exist in Columbia.

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