Vita Stat Med Hypo

Med Hypo ad. Altered slightly to advertise the First Aid Kit.

Now I just gotta stop by the Thrifty Care to pick up a med hypo, just to be safe.
Dieter Sonnekalb[src]

The Med Hypo was originally a usable item to replenish health during the early development of BioShock. Instead of filling the health bar like a First Aid Kit, the Med Hypo gives a boost of at least 30% health, but with an additional process of slowly filling the player's health bar for at least eight seconds.

Despite being mentioned once in the Audio Diary, Big Night Out, it was replaced by the First Aid Kit in the final game.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The model, texture, and attributes can still be found in the game files through Console Commands.
  • In the Development Walkthrough video of BioShock: Hunting The Big Daddy[1], the Med Hypo only appears as a loot icon, rather than an actual item. The icon indicates that it used green fluid, much like the beta green health bar.
  • The back of the BioShock PS3 manual and the BioShock: Breaking the Mold artbook endpapers display a Med Hypo advertisement.
  • Med Hypos are the equivalent of First Aid Kits in the the System Shock game series.
  • The Med Hypo can also be found in the game files of BioShock 2 Multiplayer, with an updated model and textures.

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