McClendon Home Computer

As Advertised.

The McClendon Home Computer is a product made by McClendon Robotics in Minerva's Den as part of the Minerva's Den DLC. It is allegedly a computer system that a citizen of Rapture could have in their home, but is closer in size to the business computers used by a medium-sized company.

Second Generation computer (program in memory) processes data in batches using data/programs on tape or punchcards. The technology appears to still be using electron vacuum tubes. This would be a reengineering of contemporary computers in the middle 50s, before Rapture added its own developments, as well as updating computer technology to Transistors (invented 1947).


  • Console
  • Line Printer
  • Tape Drives (Vacuum Tower)
  • Punchcard Reader/Puncher/Sorter
  • Manual Card Punching Machine
  • Racks of Processing Logic Electronics

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