The warden's ignored my warnings for far too long. I'm taking this into me own hands.
― Mattson[src]

Mattson was an articulate prisoner of Persephone in Rapture who spoke with a Cockney accent.[1] He was held in Cell Block D. Like most all of the inmates, Mattson could no longer stand the intolerable cruelty inflicted upon him, and planned to escape by causing a riot. He figured out Warden Nigel Weir's code to the security booth and had a Hack Tool which he planned to use on the prison's security Turrets and bots.[2] Apparently, he never succeeded, as his tape was interrupted right before completely saying the code into his Audio Diary.

Audio DiaryEdit

BioShock 2Edit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Mattson's name is a reference to Ryan Mattson, a member of the development team at 2K Marin that worked on BioShock 2.[3]


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