The warden's ignored my warnings for far too long. I'm taking this into me own hands.
― Mattson[src]

Mattson was an articulate prisoner of Persephone in Rapture who spoke with a Cockney accent.[1] He was held in Cell Block D. Like most all of the inmates, Mattson could no longer stand the intolerable cruelty inflicted upon him, and planned to escape by causing a riot. He figured out Warden Nigel Weir's code to the security booth and had a Hack Tool which he planned to use on the prison's security Turrets and bots. Apparently, he never succeeded, as his tape was interrupted right before completely saying the code into his Audio Diary.

Audio DiaryEdit

BioShock 2Edit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Mattson's name is a reference to Ryan Mattson, a member of the development team at 2K Marin that worked on BioShock 2.[2]


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