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Market District sign

The market has crashed and burned.

The Founders will bleed!!!
― Vox Populi Graffiti[src]

The Market District is one of the sub-section of Downtown Emporia connecting the Financial District with the Memorial Gardens and Victory Square. Originally an upper-class commercial district, it housed many fine shops and boutiques.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

Main article: BioShock Infinite

Hudson's Fine ClothingEdit

Another branch of the clothing retailer is located here. It has been gutted and burned out as compared to its pristine counterpart in New Eden Square.

Visiting here is required to find the Code Book to decode the Vox Cipher in the Bank of the Prophet.

Passing by the store will also lead into a Fireman ambush.

Wilson Bros. & Company Bottling WorksEdit

This liquor store has been locked despite its destroyed back wall. A lockpick can be found outside to help pick the lock. Inside will yield a trove of Silver Eagles as well as an Infusion bottle in the window.

Patriot's PrideEdit

The confectionery is unfortunately gated closed. However, a corpse clutching a bottle of Return to Sender is located nearby.

Parker & Co. Excelsior Brand Canned MeatsEdit

Inside are several vending machines. Curiously the shopkeeper is still sweeping the floor despite the building being consumed by flames.

Harper's GroceryEdit

A small stand around the corner sells once-fresh fruit. A Dollar Bill machine is located nearby.

Lutece LabsEdit

Initially, the lab and home of Rosalind and Robert Lutece is gated shut. However, Booker and Elizabeth learn at the Memorial Gardens that they must venture here to learn about one of the "truths" about Lady Comstock. They return to find the gates unbarred, but guarded by Vox Populi.

Magical MelodiesEdit

The studio of Albert Fink has seen better days. Situated across from the Memorial Gardens, the building is unstable and keeps bobbing in and out of street level.

New DiscoveriesEdit


The entrance to the Market District from the Financial District

New VigorsEdit


  1. Rosalind Lutece - Child of Science
  2. Rosalind Lutece - On the Entropy of Genes
  3. Rosalind Lutece - A Theory on Our "Death"


  1. Solving the Irish Problem

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