Kinetoscope Magical Melodies Sweep Columbia

"Magical Melodies Sweep Columbia!"
Level: The Columbian Archeological Society

[Albert Fink conducts a band for an admiring crowd]
Jeremiah Fink's brother Albert is Columbia's most popular composer!
[another shot of Albert conducting]
His many songs subjugate the charts!
[a couple dances next to a fireplace while a gramophone plays the latest record from Magical Melodies]
Can all this amazing music come from just one man?!

Location: In the museum section the first one on the right side. It's available to purchase in the museum for $100

KIN gNr041-lNr02 Own Love Story - Half-Men into Handy-Men - Melodies Sweep Columbia f0835


Magical Melodies Sweep Columbia!00:32

Magical Melodies Sweep Columbia!

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This is the cheapest Kinetoscope to purchase in the museum.
  • The poster of the Kinetoscope says "Magical Melodies, Sweet Columbia!", but the title in the film is "Magical Melodies Sweep Columbia!"
  • A record sleeve for Magical Melodies briefly appears in front of the gramophone, but the texture does not appear in-game.
  • Instead of the usual theater organ music, this Kinetoscope uses a piano rendition of Scott Joplin's "The Easy Winners" as the backing track.

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