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Airlock Sign Machine Graveyard

A ruined train and machinery parts rot on the ocean floor.

The seafloor outside Minerva's Den is a machine graveyard.
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The Machine Graveyard is located at the sea floor outside Operations. As its name suggests, it is a machine graveyard, filled with all kinds of electronics dumped after they broke down or became obsolete.


Originally, the airlock was placed at Operations to allow divers and Big Daddies to access the seafloor. However, as garbage disposal services were expensive in Rapture,[1] dumping broken electronics on the seafloor was seen as a cheap alternative. As a result, the seafloor became littered with all kinds of broken machinery. After Reed Wahl locked Minerva's Den down, maintenance duties to the exterior of the buildings were neglected, adding pieces of broken tunnels and bathysphere guidance brackets to the graveyard.


Minerva's DenEdit

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After fighting a horde of Splicers sent by Reed Wahl in the central hall, the door leading to the airlock is unlocked. As a signal beacon is necessary to escape Rapture, Sigma must obtain one from the machine graveyard.


The hallway features an El Ammo Bandito, a Bot Shutdown Panel, a few chairs and the Audio Diary The Man and the Machine hooked to the wall above an upgraded Shotgun. The entrance leading to the Airlock itself is guarded by a Security Camera. Water is leaking down from the ceiling and slowly flooding the floor down at the airlock.


The Airlock itself is divided in two sections, an empty room containing a window showing the seafloor, a Gene Bank and two hatches for turrets, and the airlock itself, preceded by a changing room for divers which contains a Vita-Chamber. The hole in the wall has water leaking out of it, and contains the Audio Diary Signal Beacon, and two Auto-Hack Darts. At the moment of arrival, a Splicer has stuck his finger in a socket, causing the small layer of water to become electric and frying the Splicer. After hacking the panel, Sigma can safely advance towards the seafloor.


MD Machine Graveyard Seafloor

Mechanical parts left to rust.

The seafloor is littered with all kinds of machinery, including a bathysphere with a Signal Beacon. Passing by broken machinery and computers, a sunken ship can be seen. Overhead, a tunnel has been split into two parts by a giant rock, scattering the contents on the ocean floor. A derailed train can be seen crashed into rocks. Sigma can find several Sea Slugs hidden on the seafloor. After reaching the top of the rubble with the downed bathysphere, Sigma can take the Signal beacon to reprogram it in the Programming Wing.

However, the windows show Wahl welding two Grenade Launcher Turrets into place and locking the Door Control. Sigma must deal with both turrets and the Splicer ambush behind the door before proceeding.

New DiscoveriesEdit

Audio DiariesEdit

  1. Andrew Ryan - The Man and the Machine - In the hallway by the upgraded Shotgun.
  2. Ernestine Franklin - Signal Beacon - by a broken wall in the flooded changing room by the airlock.


New WeaponryEdit

  • Upgraded Shotgun (Increased Clip Size Upgrade)


Bugs / GlitchesEdit

  •  Icon pc Any Security Bots controlled by the player will follow into the airlock and be destroyed by the water. Disable them before going in the airlock to prevent them from self destructing.
  •  Icon pc Even if the turrets are hacked, reentering the water from the airlock will cause new turrets to spawn the same grates. The two turrets are stuck inside one another and will attempt to attack the other.


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