Mark Title Lost and Found
Speaker Mark Meltzer
Level Dionysus Park
Lost and Found
AD gNr080-lNr05 Mark Meltzer - Lost and Found f0167

Mark: I found her... found Cindy, by this... this rusted carousel. But she was just standing there, staring, waiting for the music. She doesn't even recognize me... What have they done to her? Listen to her...

Cindy (Little Sister voice): The man on the moon is a girl, Mr. Bubbles!

Mark: ...Uh... Listen, if anyone hears this, I have to know how to cure her. I --

(Big Sister sounds)

Mark: No! Get back! She's my little girl!

(Gunshot sound)

Location: Nestled inside of the booth in the carousel.

AD gNr080-lNr05 Mark Meltzer - Lost and Found f0168

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