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Little sister's orphanage

Advertisement for the Little Sister's Orphanage

Little sister's orphanageicon

"The Little Sister's Orphanage: In troubled times, give your little girl the life that she deserves. Boarding and education free of charge! After all, children ARE the future of Rapture."
―Public address advertisement[src]

The Little Sister's Orphanage is a home for the Little Sisters in Rapture, founded by Frank Fontaine and located in several areas of the city, including Hestia and Plaza Hedone. Fontaine used the Orphanage as a front to gather little girls for the transformation into biological ADAM-producing factories. It is more than likely that the term "Little Sisters" originally came from the Orphanage's name. Public address announcements advertised that the poorer citizens of Rapture should put their children in the Orphanage with the promise of their safety, education, and a bright future. Such broadcasts are obviously dated, as Andrew Ryan shut down the orphanages [1] [2]after Fontaine's takeout and children began to be kidnapped off the streets.


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