Eleanor Lamp Portrait Title Life After Sisterhood
Speaker Eleanor Lamb
Level Fontaine Futuristics
Life After Sisterhood
AD gNr094-lNr04 Eleanor Lamb - Life After Sisterhood f0197
Transcript: This is Eleanor Lamb speaking. It's been many years since my last Diary. Mother found a way to rehabilitate me psychologically, but she can't remove this... this thing inside my body. I look in the mirror, and I see a freak. I remember very little -- just an artificial sense of peace and a compulsive hunger for ADAM. Doctor Alexander is trying to help me adjust. He's responsible for part of my condition, but he wants to make amends.

Location: Next to the vent on the central upper level.

AD gNr094-lNr04 Eleanor Lamb - Life After Sisterhood f0198

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