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BaSE1-AudioDiaryIcon2 Title Left Behind
Speaker Moses Lydecker
Level Fontaine's Department Store
Date December the 2nd, 1958
Left Behind
Left Behind
Transcript: Ryan, you bastard. Left me here to rot… Sure, I signed the contract: "help turn Fontaine's into a prison." Ten days, big rush, everything slapdash. Right before the prisoners are brought in? One of your piece-of-shit turrets -- bam! Both kneecaps. Now I'm likely a cripple, locked in a jail -- surrounded by maniacs! Haven't even been paid, but I don't care. Just get me outta here!

Location: In the maintenance alcove on the second floor of the Menswear department.

VP gNr087-lNr03 Moses Lydecker - Left Behind f0677 VP gNr087-lNr03 Moses Lydecker - Left Behind f0678

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