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Endurance. Join forces and take on the Enemy group in this Team-Based mode
― BioShock 2: Strategy Guide

Last Splicer Standing is a game mode in the BioShock 2 Multiplayer, and is a team-based deathmatch where players don't respawn after dying. Whomever is the last Splicer alive is the winner of the match.

Strategy Edit

  • Stay in groups, as wandering alone will make the player vulnerable to ambushes.
  • Flee if outnumbered, and never try to assault people head-on if they have more firepower.
  • Try to ambush other players, and be sure to use Plasmids that can disable them such as: Electro BoltInsect SwarmWinter Blast and Telekinesis.
  • Resurrection and Death Trap will work better in this game mode, as death is a much rarer event and having the possibility of an extra life or even to kill others from beyond the grave can tip the game in the player's favor.
  • The Grenade Launcher is extremely helpful when attacking Splicers in groups.

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