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The Lansdowne Residence bedroom.

Hey, hey… It's alright. I'm not like the rest… I'm a progressive!
― Male Civilian[src]

The Lansdowne Residence is the penthouse apartment of a building, found in the Comstock Center Rooftops of Columbia. The residence was inhabited by a man named Otis.[1]

BioShock InfiniteEdit

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While on his journey to settle a debt by bringing a girl to New York, Booker DeWitt must pass through the rooftops of the Town Center in order to get to Monument Island, where the said girl is found. Optionally, he may enter the Lansdowne Residence or continue via a Freight Hook. Booker arrives at the roof of the building, where several Soldiers has assembled to eliminate him. Booker can leap down to the Lansdowne Residence building, but after doing so he can not return to the previous. The roof contains some crates, the usual chimneys, an oil spill and two sets of skylights, which he can break and jump into the master bedroom of the apartment, or simply from the balcony on the side.

Top FloorEdit

The top floor served as the master bedroom, which consists of a canopy bed, bookshelves, a fireplace, a vanity mirror, a sitting area, a grandfather clock and a cabinet. In the center of the room is a circular table with a bottle of the Devil's Kiss Vigor and a Purse. The balcony, overlooking a building with a Freight Hook and the Montgomery Residence, contains a patio set with a bottle of Wine. A doorway leads to the rest of the apartment via a stairway.

Middle floorEdit

BI Locked Chest

The locked chest.

The middle floor houses the apartment's bathroom and an additional bedroom. The bathrooms has not much of interest, except for the usual utilities and a weight produced by Fink Industries. The bedroom appears to be that off a child's. Various toys can be found in the room, including a Songbird plush. The wallpaper is Art Nouveau inspired, and stars and an airship model hangs from the sealing. The night stand has a Wallet and a shelf contains Machine Gun Ammo. Along the bed and the shelves, the room also contains a gramophone and locked Chest. A Voxophone, Otis' Nimble Fingers, made by Byron Cotswold, hints at the key location.

Once the key has been acquired, the player may open the chest, which contains an Infusion, a small Medical Kit and a phial of Salts.

Bottom FloorEdit

The bottom floor appears to be a study, with bookshelves, a desk, a large table and another fireplace. A male civilian can be found here, who insists that he is philosophically a progressive and not like the majority of Columbia's upper class. A shelf has a phial of Salts and a Silver Bar and the large table contains a Silver Eagle Purse and some Candy Bars.

New DiscoveriesEdit

Single Use EventsEdit

  • Chest - Inside the bedroom on the middle floor.
  • Infusion - Inside the chest (Key required).


  1. Byron Cotswold - Otis' Nimble Fingers - In a shelf in the bedroom on the middle floor.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The apartment doesn't have an entrance or a door leading to additional space, which means that the only way in would be through the balcony.


  1. Byron Cotswold's Voxophone: Otis' Nimble Fingers