Stanley Poole Title Lamb Flouts the System
Speaker Stanley Poole
Level Dionysus Park
Lamb Flouts the System
AD gNr088-lNr13 Stanley Poole - Lamb Flouts the System f0185
Transcript: Doctor Lamb's trying to take the city by sponsoring the artsy types here... big thinkers, to speak out against Ryan in their work. And all of it is right here in the Park galleries, open to the public. Lamb ain't even chargin' for it... and in Rapture that's just... brazen, like some kinda naturist camp where everybody wears pope hats and nothing else! Won't be long before Ryan's cronies can move in... and I can finally stop holding my breath.

Location: In the gallery entrance, the room to the west of the train station, at the base of the statue.

AD gNr088-lNr13 Stanley Poole - Lamb Flouts the System f0186

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