Andrew Ryan BioShock 2 Title Lamb's Idea of Art
Speaker Andrew Ryan
Level Dionysus Park
Lamb's Idea of Art
AD gNr079-lNr04 Andrew Ryan - Lamb's Idea of Art f0165
Transcript: Dionysus Park. Lamb mocks me in the naming of this place. She knows precisely how I feel about this celebration of "unconscious art." The Artist reflects the world as it ought to be, not as it is damned to be by some spasm of the lower mind. But I shall not censor. The park is Lamb's property. However... if the case we are building against her proves true -- I will return with a sledgehammer.

Location: At the base of a statue in Cohen's Collection.

AD gNr079-lNr04 Andrew Ryan - Lamb's Idea of Art f0166

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