AudioLog AntonioRodriguez Title Laissez-Faire
Speaker Antonio Rodriguez
Level Housewares
Date November the 6th, 1958
Transcript: Dear Madam, I have received your letter regarding our new line of Peeping Tom Plasmids, and wish to respond thusly. Tough...luck. This is Rapture, miss. What my customers do with my product is their business. If you are feeling uncomfortable, you are more than welcome to line the walls of your home in lead. If you wish, I could direct you to a reputable supplier.

Location: On the bottom rack of a shelf in the back corner of the magazine room.

VP gNr099-lNr01 Antonio Rodriguez - Laissez-Faire f0700 VP gNr099-lNr01 Antonio Rodriguez - Laissez-Faire f0701

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