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A darkened department.

Stand Above the Crowd.
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Ladieswear is a major department in Fontaine's Department Store. During the events of the BioShock Infinite downloadable content Burial at Sea - Episode 1, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth may journey through here.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

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The Ladieswear Entrance.


One who didn't make it.

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Episode 1

Though only one story, the Ladieswear showroom, like its male counterpart, is vast and opulent with clothing and accessories sold on various levels. The Jewelry store is located immediately to the right of the entrance. The middle level has the Checkout station and a Turret located just beyond it. There is a shoes store on the top. There are several ornamental lighting sconces for Booker to attach to in order to change up his attack patterns. One woman used these to reach a small overhang where she assembled a small stockpile of food, EVE, money, and other useful items. Evidently, she was discovered, murdered, and labeled a HOARDER.



The Jewelry Entrance.

Two male Splicers wander about the sales area. The place has mostly been picked clean of anything practical, but the locked backroom has some valuables including a lockpick, two rings, a necklace, and the audio diary Message in a Bottle. After walking out of the backroom, Booker notices an Infusion over by the mannequins that he missed earlier. However, when he picks it up, he realizes that the third mannequin is really a female Splicer setting a trap. Two others jump out and join the ambush.


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The Shoes Entrance.

Superior Shoes for Superior Women.
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Back outside the Jewelry store, Booker and Elizabeth spot four Splicers patrolling the upper level. After dealing with them, they can enter the Shoes section. Two Splicers circle the interior. After dealing with them, Booker can collect the lockpick by the checkout counter or the bottle of EVE behind it. There, the two find a backroom with a code lock and the message “I was here Mary Don’t forget” written in blood beside it. Booker and Elizabeth have been following the audio diaries Moses Lydecker has been making, and this is where he said he was holed up. Inside and to the left, they encounter a Splicer and a Turret. They find Lydecker’s corpse in the rear; evidently, he gave into despair and shot himself or was killed by a hostility. In addition to his audio diary "Insufficient Postage", there’s a piece of Gear (Quick-Handed), some valuables, and a lockpick in the backroom.

There’s another cluster of Splicers to deal with outside after Booker finishes up in Shoes. There’s not much else in Ladieswear, but before Booker leaves a group of four male Splicers walks up the stairs from the entrance.

New DiscoveriesEdit

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New GearEdit

Coded DoorsEdit

  • Shoes storage room - 0928

Audio DiariesEdit

  1. Moses Lydecker - Message in a Bottle - On a desk in the back room of the Jewelry store.
  2. Moses Lydecker - Insufficient Postage - On the bloody desk, in the locked back room of the Shoes store.


Main InteriorEdit



Bugs / GlitchesEdit

  •  Icon ps3 There is an invisible wall misplaced in the Jewelry department, located in front of the necklace display on the right of the entrance. The wall is placed in a way, so that the player could actually go behind it, being protected from any oncoming Splicers.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The compact mirror seen on a table in the display outside the Shoes section is actually a small waffle iron model.