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For the similarly-named Gene Tonic in BioShock 2, see Cure All.
Kure-All logo.
Kure-All entrance

The entrance to the Kure-All clinic in the Medical Pavilion.

When sickness has you blue, let us Kure all! Kure-All, for all your medical needs
― Slogan[src]

The Kure-All was, as its name would imply, a facility that treats many different kinds of ailments in Rapture. Kure-All operated from locations like the Dental Services Area of the Medical Pavilion and in the Adonis Luxury Resort. There are advertisements for this business in Fort Frolic, indicating that a Kure-All once had its doors open in the recreational center.


Kure-All was a small, though well respected business in the lower level of the Medical Pavilion. At some point the Kure-All facility began to allow or conduct Plasmid trials on people, the most infamous example being the Enrage Trial.

When the Rapture Civil War began the facility was outfitted with a Grenade Launcher Turret and a Security Camera to stop any unwanted intruders. After the war left most of the Medical Pavilion's staff spliced and insane, the facility ultimately fell into disuse.


Kure-All Enrage Site

A gory scene found in the clinic.

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In BioShock Kure-All is an optional area. In the corner of the room opposite the safe are the remnants of the violent Enrage trial incident. The body of a nurse remains pinned to a cabinet by a bone saw next to a surgery chair and Dr. Suchong's audio diary recording the sequence of events.

Items found in the Kure-All facility

New DiscoveriesEdit

Plasmids and Tonics (Found)
Audio Diary
  1. Dr. Suchong - Enrage Trial - In the bloody corner of the main room.

BioShock 2Edit

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A small Kure-All station is encountered by Subject Delta in the Adonis Luxury Resort. The facility was located across from the resorts Rapture Metro station, and operated alongside Thrifty Care to provided small check ups and treatment to guests staying at the Adonis.


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