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A Columbia Kinetoscope.
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The Kinetoscope is a silent movie device found throughout Columbia that was created by Fink Manufacturing. Each one provides a unique, 30-second silent film with music in all of them. They are considered a collectable in BioShock Infinite. Kinetoscopes are largely propaganda used by Columbia. Using them all is required to unlock the "Sightseer" Achievement/Trophy.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

Note: These videos aren't in the order that you discover them through the game.

A City in the Sky? Impossible!Edit

BioShock Infinite A city in the Sky? Impossible!(00:23)

Behold the Miracle Child! A Prophecy is Fulfilled!Edit

BioShock Infinite Behold the miracle child! A prophecy is fulfilled!(00:28)

Beware the False ShepherdEdit

BioShock Infinite Beware the False Shepherd(00:33)

A City Mourns...Edit

BioShock Infinite A City Mourns..BioShock Infinite A City Mourns...(00:23)

Columbia to Sterilize Dimwits and Defectives!Edit

BioShock Infinite Columbia to Sterilize Dimwits and Defectives!(00:28)

Crime Comes to Shanty-TownEdit

BioShock Infinite Crimes comes to Shanty-Town(00:32)

Danger on All Sides!Edit

BioShock Infinite Danger on all sides!(00:19)

The Death of Our LadyEdit

BioShock Infinite The death of our LadyBioShock Infinite The death of our Lady.(00:32)

The Envy of All His PeersEdit

BioShock Infinite The envy of all his peers(00:18)

Father Comstock's Gift of ProphecyEdit

BioShock Infinite Father Comstock's gift of prophecy(00:29)

Fitzroy Spotted!Edit

BioShock Infinite Fitzroy spotted!(00:27)

Gun-smith Set Free!Edit

BioShock Infinite Gun-smith set free!(00:26)

The Lamb is the Future of the CityEdit

BioShock Infinite The Lamb is the future of the city(00:22)

A Look Back at Opening DayEdit

BioShock Infinite A look back at opening day(00:21)

Lutece's Brother Arrives in Columbia!Edit

BioShock Infinite Lutece's brother arrives in columbia!(00:18)

Mighty Songbird Patrols the Skies!Edit

BioShock Infinite Mighty Songbird patrols the skies!(00:18)

The Path of the Vox Populi...Edit

BioShock Infinite The path of the Vox Populi..BioShock Infinite The path of the Vox Populi...(00:16)

The Prophet Stands Up to Foes Within and Without!Edit

BioShock Infinite The Prophet stands up to foes Within and Without!(00:36)

Solving the Irish Problem!Edit

BioShock Infinite Solving the Irish problem!(00:32)

Uncanny Mystery in ColumbiaEdit

BioShock Infinite Uncanny mystery in columbia(00:30)

Visit Battleship Bay!Edit

BioShock Infinite Visit Battleship Bay!(00:29)

We Secede from the So-called "Union"Edit

BioShock Infinite We secede from the so-called "Union"(00:20)

Who are the Vox Populi?Edit

BioShock Infinite Who are the Vox Populi?(00:27)

Who Needs the Power Company?Edit

BioShock Infinite Who needs the power company?(00:24)

William R. ForemanEdit

These 5 videos are viewed in a Kinetoscope but are different from the rest.

The First LadyEdit

BioShock Infinite Foreman 1 - The First Lady(00:25)


BioShock Infinite Foreman 2 - Sunrise(00:25)


BioShock Infinite Foreman 3 - Hummingbirds(00:19)

Battleship BayEdit

BioShock Infinite Foreman 4 - Battleship Bay(00:16)

Battleship FallsEdit

BioShock Infinite Foreman 5 - Battleship Falls(00:21)

Clash in the CloudsEdit

Write Your Own Love Story!Edit

Write Your Own Love Story!(00:37)

Fink Turns Half-Men into Handy-Men!Edit

Fink Turns Half-Men into Handy-Men!(00:30)

Magical Melodies Sweep Columbia!Edit

Magical Melodies Sweep Columbia!(00:32)

Troy and Courtnee: First AuditionEdit

Troy and Courtnee First Audition(01:00)

Motion Capture ProcessEdit

Motion Capture Process(01:21)

Liz Begs for Booker EvolutionEdit

Liz Begs for Booker Evolution(01:38)

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit

Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Episode Two Kinetoscope Seized from Graveyard Shift Bar(00:58)
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1920's Theater Organ Music - Sigmund Krumgold - Lew White - Jesse Crawford - Eddie Dunstedter(13:12)
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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The real life Kinetoscope, also called the Kinetograph, was devised by William Kennedy Laurie Dickson under the supervision of Thomas Edison and and publicly released in 1894. Although Edison had the technology to synch sound to film, similar to how it's presented in the game, Edison decided against doing so with his kinetoscopes and film would remain silent until the late 1920s.
  • One Kinetoscope in The Columbian Archeological Society says "Magical Melodies, Sweet Columbia", but the title of the actual film is "Magical Melodies Sweep Columbia".
  • The music used in the kinetoscopes is by Sigmund Krumgold, Lew White, Jesse Crawford, and Eddie Dunstedter.
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