You've an eye, haven't you, miss?
― Julian

Julian is a jeweler living in Rapture and the owner of The Golden Rule on High Street.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

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Private detective Booker DeWitt and his enigmatic client Elizabeth go in search of information regarding a missing young girl named Sally. Elizabeth's sources tell her that renowned artist Sander Cohen knows the child's location, but on New Year's Eve of 1958 he's hosting a invitation-only event in his private club and the duo are denied entry. The event, The Business of Rapture is Business, is sponsored by local businesses on High Street including The Golden Rule, and Julian, the owner of jewelry store, was given a special Invitation Mask as thanks for his patronage. With no other recourse, Booker and Elizabeth devise a plot to steal the mask.

Julian can be found behind the counter of the store, inspecting a ring, when Booker and Elizabeth enter. Booker asks him to assist Elizabeth in shopping for some jewelry. He begins by showing her a 19th-century sapphire and diamond ring on display, but when he starts to notice that Booker is missing, Elizabeth accuses him of having stolen the ring, a supposed family heirloom, from a Twilight Fields Funeral Homes corpse. Julian's smooth and refined aura evaporates as Elizabeth presses the scandalous accusation and he becomes enraged. When he grabs her arm, she delivers a firm knee to the groin, and knocks him out cold.

If The Golden Rule is the last business the player enters (after Rapture Records and The Gallery of the Artist's Struggle), the Invitation Mask will be found in the back room, forcing the player to steal it from Julian.



  • "Good day to you, ma'am."
  • "Good day to you, sir."
  • "Welcome!"


  • Elizabeth: "I'm interested in this piece."
  • Shopkeeper: "Ah, excellent! You've an eye, haven't you, miss?"
  • Shopkeeper: "It's a natural sapphire and diamond, 18-karat gold ring. Fully hallmarked for Paris, 1887."
  • Elizabeth: "Really…"
  • Shopkeeper: "The center cabochon—Excuse me… Sir?"
  • Elizabeth: "That's a lot of fine talk about a stolen ring!"
  • Shopkeeper: "I beg your pardon?"
  • Elizabeth: "Right out of her coffin in Twilight Fields. Did you think we wouldn't notice?"
  • Shopkeeper: "I can assure you that—"
  • Elizabeth: "The assurances of a grave robber are of no interest to me. If you hand the ring back, the matter will remain between you and me."
  • Shopkeeper: "You come into my shop and talk this trash. I don't think so. Hit the brick, you tramp, or I'll see that they hit you."
  • Elizabeth: "Get your hands off me!"
  • Shopkeeper: "You little—"
  • Elizabeth: "Might be best if we were gone when he wakes up."


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Julian's name is never stated in-game, but he is named as such in the audio files.[Audio files needed]

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