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Journey to the Surface (Audio Diary)

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Carlson Fiddle Title Journey to the Surface
Speaker Carlson Fiddle
Level Ryan Amusements
Journey to the Surface
Fiddle Journey to the Surface
Transcript: Today Ryan asked me to give a backstage tour to a few consultants who will be working with him on designing ride. I recognized some of 'em. There was that composer, Cohen: "This ride has all the acoustic qualities of a back-alley hobo jamboree," he says. Lovely person. Doc Lamb was a real treat, too. She looked at the exhibits like she was an owl with'er eye on a titmouse. These freaks are gonna cook up some real fun for the kiddies of Rapture, I can see it now.

Location: Cult of Rapture Website.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This removed audio diary is also featured in the localization texts under the name "Hosting the Consultants," and is associated to the file EDU_L_3Lg2_Log_05.

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