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"Splicers sealed Johnny in before he could—Goddamn Splicers!"

Johnny was supposedly an assistant and friend to Atlas, who reports the crashing of Jack's plane to him. Atlas sent him to investigate who was there, but warned Johnny that the hacked security systems can't help him for much longer and that he needed to hurry. By the time the bathysphere carrying Jack (which Johnny had been waiting for) arrived; Johnny was trapped by a female Spider Splicer named Rose, who was menacing him outside the Bathysphere. He attempted to bargain with the Splicer, saying that he meant her no harm or to trespass, and that she could keep his gun. However, the Splicer simply lunged at him and disemboweled him, causing him to fall into the water next to the bathysphere.

Given his apparent sanity and his fear of the Splicers, it appears that Johnny was one of the surviving non-splicers in Rapture. Johnny uses a recycled Toasty skin; this is simply a placeholder model, as the player can never get a clear view of Johnny without the use of Console Commands.


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