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Jet-Postal Sign
Jet-Postal Logo

Jet-Postal, Substation II.

"It'll be there in a FLASH!"
―Jet Postal advertising motto

Jet-Postal is a business that used pneumatic tubes (called "pneumo tubes") to deliver mail between locations in Rapture.


PneumoTVStation DIFF (Icon)

The Jet-Postal was founded due to large-scale paper-based communication being necessary in a city like Rapture. Consisting of several substations similar in function to post offices (the one in Neptune's Bounty being substation number two), the stations contained numerous pneumo tubes, lockers, an office, and shelves to place the messages or packages. Ryan Industries finished installing and activated the Pneumo system in 1956, on the 10th anniversary of Rapture's founding.[1] Since the 1958 New Year's Eve Riots, the stations have fallen into disuse, since no citizen left needs to send a message to anyone.

Pneumo tubes were the primary postal service in Rapture prior to the Civil War, and also delivered packaged food to different parts of the city. Many Pneumo tubes, such as the ones seen in Fort Frolic, were labeled with a serial number system similar to post office box numbering on the surface. This numbering system included letter abbreviations of the level of Rapture in which the tube was located. However, since the Civil War, the pneumo tubes have become quite unreliable and useful only for short range message transport. This is due to the damage Splicers caused to the pneumatics controlling the air flow, and lack of proper maintenance. Sending a message long range could send it anywhere in Rapture, or have it jammed up in some intermediary tube in the system.

Burial at SeaEdit

The pneumatic delivery system of Jet Postal returns in BioShock Infinite's downloadable contents, Burial at Sea. They also introduce Pneumo Lines, a new kind of service provided by the company which can deliver larger packages with Pneumo Bots running on lines parallel to the regular pneumo tubes.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Deco Devolution artbook mentions that an early idea for BioShock 2 involved the player trading for supplies with isolated camps of Rapture survivors through the Pneumo tube system. The developers had already created a model and several UI screens for the Pneumo trading machine before it was cut from the game. It was ultimately removed because the survivors idea was no longer a part of the storyline.[2]
  • As shown in Burial at Sea - Episode 1, Jet-Postal uses the Roman god Mercury[3] as an emblem for its pneumatic delivery systems.


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