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Chief Officer Jefferson Poole was an official in the Columbian police force, and the driving force behind the erradication of the Vox Populi.  Originally, he was a police chief from America that was inspired by Comstock, and decided to move to Columbia.


Poole was a charismatic leader and a faithful devotee of Comstock. When Daisy Fitzroy began organizing the Vox Populi resistance, Chief Poole led his men in thwarting many Vox Populi plots against the citizens of Columbia. However, an anonymous source from inside the Police Department stated that "Poole's been coddling the Vox Populi. He should step down and let a real man lead the police."  Soon after this declaration went public, Poole was assassinated by an unknown sniper, who some claim to have been wearing a police uniform. Harrison Thacker, another prominent figure in the Department, took over as Chief Officer of the Department.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Jefferson Poole is only mentioned in the Industrial Revolution web-game newspaper, The Minuteman.
  • It is highly plausible that Harrison Thacker is behind Chief Poole's assassination.

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