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"A firecracker before the eyes of god."
Reed Wahl[src]
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The Ion Laser is a new weapon introduced in the Minerva's Den narrative Downloadable Content for BioShock 2. It is capable of firing a beam of concentrated energy, dealing continuous damage. As with all weapons in the game, it has a quick-melee attack, during which Subject Sigma raises the gun and smashes it on top of the target.

Upgrades Edit

  • Intensity Upgrade

The intensity upgrade increases the Damage output of the Ion Laser's beam.

This upgrade increases the damage dealt by the Ion Laser.

Ammo Types - Ion Laser Edit

Laser Cell
  • Laser Cell - Base ammunition for the Ion Laser, each unit deals a small amount of piercing damage.
Thermal Cell
  • Thermal Cell - Uncommon ammunition for the Ion Laser, each unit deals a small amount of fire damage and ignites the target.
Burst Cell
  • Burst Cell - Rare ammunition for the Ion Laser, each unit deals a small amount of piercing damage. Capable of being charged up to expel a high-damage burst.

Ion Laser Ammo CapacityEdit

Ammo Type Magazine Capacity (Base) Carry Capacity
Laser Cell 100 400
Thermal Cell 100 200
Burst Cell 100 200

Strategy Edit

  • The Ion Laser's pinpoint accuracy and lack of recoil allow the player to use this weapon even at long distances.
  • On the other hand, the weapon's pencil-thin beam makes it harder to hit moving targets. The best counter to this is to aim for the target's midsection and use stunning Plasmids (see below).
  • Take cover when reloading, as the player will be left defenseless for over a second.
  • Avoid firing the weapon's Thermal Cell ammo continuously, as its main strength relies in its damage over time. Instead, fire a small burst of Thermal Cell ammo before switching to Laser Cells or Burst Cells.
  • Take cover when charging up a Burst Cell. Alternatively, stun the target with a Plasmid.
  • Lancers and Ion Laser Security Bots hold a great deal of Ion Laser ammunition, allowing the player to refill on Laser Cell and Thermal Cell ammo.

Recommended Plasmids Edit

  • Electro Bolt will lock the enemy in place, making it easier to hit them.
  • Incinerate! will deal damage over time, reducing the amount of ammunition needed to kill the target.
  • Winter Blast will stun the enemy for even longer, as well as increase their vulnerability to damage. However, if using Winter Blast 1 the enemy will shatter, leaving no loot.
  • Gravity Well will drag all nearby enemies towards the target area and prevent them from moving, letting the user pick them off with ease.

Recommended Tonics Edit

  • The Armored Shell line of Tonics will reduce the amount of damage taken during fights, as enemies attacked by the Ion Laser will often fight back and injure the player.
  • Headhunter will allow the player to use the weapon's perfect accuracy to dispose of Splicers and Alpha Series even faster.
  • Walking Inferno will increase the damage output of the weapon's Thermal Cell ammunition.

Help Caption Edit

Press _ to fire.
Press _ for a quick melee attack.
Fires a constant beam of laser light, good for cutting down individual targets.
Base ammo Laser Cell -- Medium damage output.
Alternate ammo Heat Cell -- Train on enemies or flammable objects to set them on fire.
Alternate ammo Burst Cell -- Hold _ to fully charge, then release to unleash an extreme burst of damage. Shots released before being fully charged are ineffective.

Gallery Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The term "laser" is an acronym for "LASER" (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), and was used as a common noun and adjective by one of its inventors, Gordon Gould, in 1959.[1] The term was commonly used for weapons in science fiction in the 60's, over the name "Ray Gun", which was known in novels in the 20's.
  • There exists an alternate help caption in the game file, listed below:
Ion Laser Damage Increase
A secondary lasing chamber amplifies the cutting power of the laser beam.


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