Gil Alexander Title Improving on
Suchong's Work
Speaker Gilbert Alexander
Level Atlantic Express
Improving on
Suchong's Work
AD gNr014-lNr07 Gilbert Alexander - Improving on Suchong's Work f0031
Transcript: Doctor Suchong's death was a nasty blow to the Protector program, but I'm gradually settling into his role, picking up the slack that his carelessness left behind. We are gaining steam again, but I'm not satisfied. Yes, the "Big Daddy" defends the girl… but he is programmed only for the fight, like a sheepdog who wanders off unless a wolf is tearing at his flock. When no aggressor is present, he regards his Little Sister as he might a common houseplant. We need something more, something stronger: an unbreakable physiological bond.

Location: In an open drawer of a filing cabinet in the Manager's Office.

AD gNr014-lNr07 Gilbert Alexander - Improving on Suchong's Work f0032

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