BaSE1-AudioDiaryIcon9 Title Imprinting Roadblocks
Speaker Yi Suchong
Level Housewares
Date November the 19th, 1958
Imprinting Roadblocks
Imprinting Roadblocks
Transcript: Problem: Big Daddy will not imprint on the little brats. Yet Fink succeeded in imprinting his disgusting bird on his subject. How has Fink, this stupid man, succeeded where Suchong failed? If Suchong could obtain hair sample of Fink's subject, Suchong could determine delta of genetic material with Little Sister! Proof is in DNA pudding.

Location: Upstairs, on a desk hidden in the corner in the Silver Fin Restaurant.

VP gNr106-lNr08 Yi Suchong - Imprinting Roadblocks f0710

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