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Advertisement for Hotel Monseñor, in BioShock.

Hotel Monseñor is a luxury hotel located in Rapture. The establishment is one of the most widely advertised destinations in the city as distinct signs for the hotel can be seen outside the Welcome Center, Fort Frolic, and Olympus Heights in BioShock. Similar advertisements can be seen in BioShock 2. One through the window of the Adonis Luxury Resort during the opening cutscene, and another is a fallen sign later found outside the Atlantic Express.

The hotel's sign is also seen through windows in The 'I' in Team [1]BioShock 2 Multiplayer [2] and in the distance through the window in Burial at Sea - Episode 2's conclusion.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • "Monseñor" is Spanish for "bishop".


  1. The sign seen through the windows in a tunnel, on the right
  2. The sign seen through a window in the multiplayer map: Fort Frolic

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