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For the Multiplayer Level of Hephaestus, see Hephaestus (BioShock 2 Multiplayer).
Hephaestus Sign
"…You can't cut off the power, comes right from the volcanic vents… Ryan always gets his juice…"

Hephaestus (or Hephaestus Core[1]) is the eighth level of BioShock. Jack reaches Hephaestus via bathysphere from Fort Frolic. His objective here is to gain entrance to Ryan's office in Rapture Central Control, in which the city's founder has barricaded himself.



Kyburz' Office

The Office of Supervisor Kyburz.

Hephaestus, home of the Hephaestus Power Facility, is the main power production source for Rapture and is located at the Southern end of the city. Designed by Andrew Ryan, it harnesses the heat from geothermal vents on the ocean floor. Hephaestus was one of the initial facilities built in Rapture; without it, Rapture could not have been powered. Hephaestus also contains the private office of Andrew Ryan. In the post-construction era, many of the specialists who built Rapture worked in the various workshops or became maintenance employees.

During the civil war, the facility was continuously attacked by rebels, as taking control of the cities main power source would have granted them victory in the war. During these attacks many workers were killed, and a number of attempts were even made on Ryan's life. ADAM sickness and increased paranoia of being murdered lead to workers killing each other, and the workshops are now littered with the corpses of people who once kept Hephaestus functioning.


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Rapture Metro StationEdit

Hephaestus Station

Hephaestus' intimidating welcome.

The Metro station to Hephaestus is whirring with life, as massive geared machines turn in the water and large pipes in the walls and ceiling pump fluids around the facility. The station, decorated with Ryan's image of strength, is far cleaner than any of the others visited by Jack, but the metal floor and wall paneling makes the station feel harsher than any of the others.

A glass tunnel circles a large rock formation on the sea floor and connects to the main building. The tunnel is mostly empty save for two Splicers.

Ryan's Trophy RoomEdit

This room is on the way to the control center and office of Andrew Ryan, which is guarded by an electromagnetic lock system. Here various corpses — including those of Anya Andersdotter and Bill McDonagh — are impaled on the pillars, as part of Ryan's morbid warning display.


You don't need signs to see that this place is dangerous.

Upon entering the room, Ryan delivers an unsettling sermon, referring to his trophies as "worms", and tells Jack that he is no different from those others who have tried and failed to assassinate him. He menacingly concludes his speech by saying: "I haven't chosen a spot for you on the wall yet… let me know if you have a preference."

The Breadwinner Splicer model can be heard referencing this trophy collection if one listens to his dialogue. Supervisor Kyburz also mentions it in his audio diary, Device Almost Finished.

The audio diary found on Anya Andersdotter's corpse gives a clue for an ersatz method of breaking into Andrew Ryan's barricaded office.

Heat Loss MonitoringEdit

Most of the machinery for regulating heat transfer from the geothermal fluid is located here. On the lower levels, Jack finds an audio diary hinting the location of an EMP bomb.


Here are various workshops for Hephaestus including Kyburz' office. Hidden behind a crawlspace door, Jack will find Kyburz' incomplete Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb. Jack must locate the missing parts around Hephaestus.

Geothermal ControlEdit


Harmonic Core #3.

This facility directs the flow of hot fluid from the geothermal vents. Jack redirects the pipes to boil away the water while under an onslaught by Splicers. Afterwards, an elevator takes him down to the Core.

Geothermal CoreEdit

The huge machinery of Harmonic Core #3 serves as one of the primary power sources for Hephaestus. Jack disables the core by creating a sympathetic overload with Kyburz' completed EMP bomb.


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New DiscoveriesEdit

Little Sisters in this Level

Ungathered Icon Ungathered Icon Ungathered Icon

Single Use EventsEdit

New Plasmids and Tonics (Found)Edit

New Plasmids and Tonics (Available at a Gatherer's Garden)Edit

Coded DoorsEdit

Audio DiariesEdit

For Radio Messages in Hephaestus, see Radio Messages: Hephaestus - Central Control.
  1. Bill McDonagh - Ryan Takes F Futuristics - Outside Hephaestus Bathysphere station, search the crate near a Circus of Values
  2. Kyburz - Scoping the Gate - In the room containing a Circus of Values and Vita-Chamber
  3. Bill McDonagh - Stopping Ryan - In the room with the entrance to Ryan's office, in the corpse on the first right column
  4. Anya Andersdotter - Going to Heat Loss - In the room with the entrance to Ryan's office, in the corpse on the third right column
  5. Andrew Ryan - A Man or a Parasite - In the room with the entrance to Ryan's office, on a desk in the room on the right
  6. Bill McDonagh - Fontaine's Legacy - Hephaestus Core near the Vita-Chamber
  7. Anya Andersdotter - Assassin - Hephaestus Core near the Gatherer's Garden
  8. Pablo Navarro - Kyburz Door Code - Heat Loss Monitoring on the floor in the corner
  9. Bill McDonagh - Genetic Arms Race - Lower Heat Loss Monitoring in the flooded area on the desk
  10. Pablo Navarro - Getting a Break - Lower Heat Loss Monitoring on the desk near the Gene Tonic
  11. Andrew Ryan - Impossible Anywhere Else - Hephaestus Core on the desk in the bottom walkway
  12. Pablo Navarro - Running Short on R-34s - On a desk outside the entrance to the Workshops
  13. Kyburz - Device Almost Finished - Lower Workshops on the desk opposite the base of the stairs
  14. Andrew Ryan - Great Chain Moves Slowly - Kyburz' office on the desk in the back of the room
  15. Kyburz - The Dream - Lower Workshops on a corpse in the room after the crawlspace
  16. Kyburz - Assembling the Bomb - In the crawlspace room on the desk
  17. Pablo Navarro - Market Maintenance Code - Take the crawlspace on the left to the entrance of Kyburz' office, which leads under the stairs



Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Hephaestus was the Greek God of volcanoes, blacksmithing, and forging,[2] making it an appropriate name for such a place.
  • There are some grammatical goofs present in the game regarding Kyburz's name. Audio diaries such as "Getting a Break" write his name in the possessive tense as "Kyburz'." However, the maps and goal updates list it as "Kyburz's." Singular nouns ending in "s" or "z" gain another "s" after the apostrophe, in which case "Kyburz's" is correct.


  1. BioShock 2 Help Captions – The City of Rapture: Fresh oxygen is provided by the tree farms of the Arcadia district, and Hephaestus Core provides power from massive geothermal vents on the sea floor.
  2. Hephaestus on Wikipedia

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