Heartbreaker trophy

Heartbreaker is an Achievement/Trophy in BioShock Infinite. The Achievement is worth 50 Gamer Score and the Trophy is bronze.

Description: Killed a Handyman by only shooting his heart.


The player will have to kill a Handyman by only hitting its heart.



  • Don's use any damage dealing Vigors at the Handyman, as they will not hit the heart when cast.
    • Don't possess other enemies, as you can not control where they attack.
  • Don't open Tears that can deal damage to the Handyman.
  • Do this on the easy difficulty, as it will require fewer blows.
  • Use weapons like the Hand Cannon, Pistol and Sniper Rifle, as they only fire one shot at a time and are more controlled.
  • The Handyman does a lot of damage to the player if one is hit, so use Gear like Nor'easter, Sheltered Life, and Winter Shield to get brief invulnerability.
  • The player can exploit a design flaw in Finkton, during the first Handyman battle. At the end of the building to the right of the Good Time Club, there is a stack of wood, which the player can jump to from the overhang of the building, reached via the Freight Hook (This area is located next to where the Voxophone The Invisible Color is found). While on top of the wood, the player will notice that they can walk partly into the building. The strategy is to first get a Sniper Rifle and then lure the Handyman close to the area, before walking into the building. While inside, the Handyman will not see you and he will stand idle looking towards you. The Sniper is long enough to fit outisde the building with you still inside, so you can fire away without him noticing.[1]

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Achievement/Trophy icon depicts an ace of hearts card.


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