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JamesMillardOakes Title He's One of Us Now
Speaker James Millard Oakes
Level There's Something in the Sea
He's One of Us Now
He's One of Us Now
Transcript: Yeah, new guy keeps calling me... "The White Knight". I'm convinced the old bastard's nuts, 'yo. Chuckling to himself, muttering all the time... his story doesn't quite add up, y'know? I got a feeling he crashed the gates somehow. He's not even supposed to be here. Lutwidge claims he knew Ryan; that they worked together. Yeah, sure! Ryan's got more sense to bring a lunatic like this down here. The old boy does know his way around a piece of machinery, though... that could come in handy. I wasn't sure if I could trust Lutwidge, so uh... I figured I'd give him his first taste of Sinclair Sauce. Wherever he came from... he's one of us now!

Location: There's Something in the Sea, Mark Meltzer's house.

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