Hack Darts are the ammunition used for the Hack Tool, and Mini-Turrets are also deployed using it. There are two kinds of darts:

Remote Hack Dart

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Hack Darts are the basic ammo for the Hack Tool and Allow you to hack machines at a distance.

Firing one at an unhacked machine will begin the Hacking Game. If you succeed, the machine will become Hacked.

Misfired Hack Darts can be recovered from walls and other objects.

Auto Hack Dart

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Auto-Hack Darts are are an alternate ammunition for the Hack Tool.

Bypasses a machine's defenses to automatically succeed at hacking.

Mini Turret

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Mini-Turrets are are an alternate ammunition for the Hack Tool.

These thrown pods will deploy a small turret that will automatically fire at your enemies.

Mini-Turrets have a limited lifespan and will automatically detonate after a set time.

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