The Entrance.

Gear for the Superior Man
― Display in Menswear[src]

The Haberdashery is a subsection of the Menswear department located in Workman’s Wear in the Department Store building of Fontaine's. The store sold shirts, suits, shoes, hats, and glasses.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

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Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth can enter the Haberdashery on their way through Menswear to get the Old Man Winter Plasmid. It is being patrolled by a horde of Splicers, and the player can choose to enter the store and deal with them. More Splicers will be found outside the entrance after searching through the store.

The HaberdasheryEdit


The interior.

The Store has its merchandise shown along the walls, a counter in the middle, and changing rooms in the back. On the right side of the entrance are suits and hats. Someone has stuck a Circus of Values box on a mannequin's head among the hats. On the left side you will find mannequins (one beheaded and its arm pointed upwards), rows of suits, and a shoe display.

Eye wear is sold behind a counter, and further behind that are the changing rooms, guarded by a Turret. Two of the three changing rooms are accessible. One has a gear piece behind a felled table, along with some coins. An inmate probably stayed in the second room for some while, judging by the lantern, alcohol, coins, and cigarettes found here, along with the audio diary Critics.

New DiscoveriesEdit

New GearEdit

Audio DiaryEdit

  1. Sander Cohen - Critics - In one of the dressing rooms.


Bugs / GlitchesEdit

  •  Icon ps3 Icon pc The player can jump on the Haberdashery sign over the entrance via the ornamental lighting sconce. By doing so and then jumping towards the wall will cause the player to jump out of the map, on top of the Haberdashery. Optionally, the player can from here walk over the shoe section underneath and jump off the ledge, teleporting the player to the Pavilion Station, skipping the Old Man Winter Plasmid.[1] Walking to the right while continuously walking towards the wall will cause the player to fall under the Haberdashery.


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