Kinetoscope Gun-Smith Set Free

"Gun-Smith Set Free!"
Level: Finkton Proper

[Chen Lin works on machinery at the front counter of his shop]
All charges dropped for Chen Lin!
What could have led to this reversal?
[Mrs. Lin prays and begs for Chen Lin's life in the Columbia Authority Office in the Bull House Impound]
The smart money's on his brother-in-law, Fink's head of security.

Location: Inside the lobby of the Good Time Club at the top of the stairs.

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BioShock Infinite Gun-smith set free!00:26

BioShock Infinite Gun-smith set free!

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • When first entering the lobby of Good Time Club, this Kinetoscope will be not be present on the upper floor landing. Instead, "Crime Comes to 'Shanty-Town'" will be on the left, facing the stairs, and the body of Scofield Sansmark, the Head of Security mentioned in the film, is impaled on the clock.
    • After entering the Tear, it will disappear and this Kinetoscope will appear, this time on the right. Sansmark's body will have vanished as well.

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