Gregory, don't come whining to me about market forces. And don't expect me to punish citizens for showing a little initiative. If you don't like what Fontaine is doing, well, I suggest you find a way to offer a better product.
― Andrew Ryan[src]

Gregory was a business owner and citizen of Rapture. He is mentioned in Andrew Ryan's audio diary Offer a Better Product.


Many citizens were alarmed by Frank Fontaine's sudden rise to power and the monopolies he held over a variety of businesses. Gregory was just one of these individuals, who seemed to have been a rival of Fontaine's business interests at one point. He complained to Andrew Ryan because of it. Ryan, being a firm believer in Laissez-faire economics, refused to intervene or interfere with Fontaine's business rights.


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While searching through the Waterfall Grotto of Arcadia Glens for a bud of the Rosa Gallica, Jack comes across a body slumped over a Chinese lantern in the water. This is likely the corpse of Gregory. He died with the Audio Diary response given to him by Ryan.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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