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Minervaden gravity-well

Gravity Well in use.

Minervaden bots

The Plasmid in the player's hand.

"The Thinker knows what you're going to do with that, and it isn't happy."
Reed Wahl[src]

Gravity Well is a Plasmid introduced for the Minerva's Den DLC for BioShock 2. It allows Subject Sigma to throw a superdense polyp which then bursts after a moment (upon impact if it hits an enemy), sucking in nearby objects, corpses and enemies into a swirling vortex of destruction.

Upgrade PathEdit

Gravity Well 2
Gravity Well 3


  • When thrown, the Plasmid will bounce upon contact with the scenery, and will only detonate after a set amount of time (around one and a half seconds). If thrown at an enemy, it will automatically detonate.
  • Although the Plasmid doesn't deal damage on its own at level 1, enemies will take damage whenever they collide with another object.
  • It's recommended to fire this Plasmid in the middle of a group, as it will attract every enemy towards it, causing affected enemies to collide into each other and take large amounts of damage.
  • Stunned enemies will be splayed across the floor, making it difficult to land a headshot. Try laying a Gravity Well in front of the target, so that they fall flat on their face and expose it to the player.
  • Gravity Well can pull enemies through certain walls, although it won't damage them.
  • Avoid firing this Plasmid around if there are friendly Bots nearby, as it will drag them in and damage them too.
  • Electromagnetic Locks can be disabled by this Plasmid.

Recommended TonicsEdit

  • The EVE Saver line of Tonics reduces the EVE cost of using Plasmids.
  • Drill Specialist greatly decreases the Plasmid's EVE cost, but limits the player's weapon selection to the Drill.
  • Fountain of Youth restores Health and EVE when in water, which can allow constant (and free) use of this Plasmid.


BioShock 2 - Gravity Well Plasmid03:40

BioShock 2 - Gravity Well Plasmid

Gravity Well Plasmid in action.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The game files also list this Plasmid as "Vortex" and "BioGrenade."
  • A "gravity well" or "gravitational well" is a conceptual model of the gravitational field surrounding a body in space. The more massive the body, the deeper and more extensive the gravity well associated with it.[1]


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