Stanley Poole Title Gotta Keep it Together
Speaker Stanley Poole
Level Dionysus Park
Gotta Keep it Together
AD gNr084-lNr09 Stanley Poole - Gotta Keep it Together f0176
Transcript: Ryan's goons are sweating me to prove this place is a closet commune, but I need time. And Lamb's kid keeps staring me down like she knows that I'm a phony. I keep thinking of Johnny Topside, though. Took real guts to find Rapture like he did... makes it easier not to crack if I sort of... imagine that I'm him. It's a good thing I can't tell Lamb about that though. She'd probably say I got a secret need to fall into his arms and make wild whoopee!

Location: In the storage room of the J. Fischer Gallery.

AD gNr084-lNr09 Stanley Poole - Gotta Keep it Together f0177

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