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Golden Film Reels, or Director's Commentary, are new collectibles to be found in the remastered version of BioShock as part of BioShock: The Collection. There are 10 reels in the game and each unlock an episode of the Director's Commentary Imagining BioShock.


  1. Welcome to Rapture: On the stage in the Footlight Theater.
  2. Medical Pavilion: Next to the Gatherer's Garden in the Lounge.
  3. Neptune's Bounty: On a shelf in the last of the freezers of Fontaine Fisheries.
  4. Farmer's Market: In the trapped room with a Gene Tonic in the basement of Worley Winery.
  5. Fort Frolic: On a desk in the projection booth of the Fleet Hall.
  6. Hephaestus: In the crawlspace with the Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb in the Workshops.
  7. Rapture Central Control: On Ryan's desk.
  8. Apollo Square: On a couch in the bathysphere station.
  9. Point Prometheus: On a bed in one of the Little Sisters rooms in the Little Wonders Educational Facility.
  10. Proving Grounds: By the U-Invent machine in the Special Exhibit Entry.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The image used for the reels in the pause menu is an unused icon from BioShock 2.

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