Anya Andersdotter Title Going to Heat Loss
Speaker Anya Andersdotter
Level Hephaestus
Going to Heat Loss
Anya Andersdotter - Going to Heat Loss
Transcript: I had to go jungle-style with that filthy ape for three weeks, but he finally spilled the beans on how to get to Andrew Ryan. Generate a sympathetic overload in Harmonic Core #3. That's simple. Now all I gotta do is figure out what the hell a sympathetic overload is, and for that matter, a Harmonic Core #3! Piece of cake for an electrical engineer. Too bad I design lady's shoes. Gonna go see the grease monkeys left alive in Heat Loss Monitoring, see what I can shake out of their trees.

Location: Ryan's Office Hall, on the third corpse on the right, hanging on the wall.

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