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Flying Alexander
Gilbert Alexander
AliasesAlex The Great
Died1968 (choice only)
Place of DeathFontaine Futuristics
(choice only)
AffiliationThe Rapture Family
Physical Description
Appears inBioShock (mentioned only)
BioShock 2
BioShock: Rapture
Voice ActorJohn Hilner
Gil Alexander
"The end may be nigh, but for me it's just more paperwork."
―Gilbert Alexander[src]

Dr. Gilbert Alexander[1] was a scientist who worked for Frank Fontaine and later Andrew Ryan. He worked with Augustus Sinclair and Dr. Yi Suchong on the Vita-Chamber and was influential in the creation and advancements of Big Daddies, modifying their suits with gadgets and armor. Alexander developed the practical bonding between the Big Daddies and Little Sisters, starting with Eleanor Lamb and Subject Delta, in whose creation he was also heavily involved. When Sofia Lamb came into power, he ran Fontaine Futuristics and became involved in her Utopian project.


History Edit

Alexander was an ambitious researcher in the early days of Fontaine Futuristics, specializing in mechanical and robotic engineering. At the height of his career, he designed much of Rapture's automated security system, including the ubiquitous Security Bots. He constructed the mechanism which implanted ADAM slugs into Little Sisters, and ultimately, assisted with the creation of the bond which links Subject Delta to Eleanor Lamb.

Alexander has the distinction of being both a helper and the antagonist on the Fontaine Futuristics level. Once highly committed to his job, he came to regret his actions, of siding with Sofia Lamb and her Rapture Family, and volunteering to become the first "Utopian". Based on Jack's mental conditioning (as Sofia believed it to be), the subject of the operation would be imbued with the entire collective genius of Rapture via ADAM infusion, suppressing his own "self" personal identity. The plan failed, and Alexander was heavily mutated by the enormous amounts of ADAM and genetic material from the people injected into him. By the time the player meets him, Alexander has become heavily spliced and quite insane, calling himself "Alex the Great", and controlling most of the functions of Fontaine Futuristics with a heavily-modified Security Bot, which he manipulates through four hijacked Bot Shutdown Panels. The Bot itself is marked by its added television monitor (displaying Gil's manic eyes) and distinctive violet running-lights. Alex the Great spent most of his time "running" the Fontaine Futuristics business, managing his spliced "employees" including sadistically punishing them.

BioShock 2 Edit

Alexander Great

"Alex the Great" radio image

Before losing his mind, he recorded audio logs with instructions for gaining access to the inner areas of Fontaine Futuristics. In these logs, he asks whoever finds them to enter and kill him. However, the post-mutation Gil uses his modified Security Bot (and surprisingly operatic singing voice) to prevent Delta from accessing a Security Office where one of the messages had been left for him, as well as the controls to enter the secret laboratory where his heavily-mutated form resides in a large glass tank.

Subject Delta is forced to destroy Gil's control over the Security Bots, and after crossing the ocean floor to enter the airlock of the darkened lab, finds the scientist himself in his containment chamber. Gathering a bunch of plants infused with ADAM, Delta manages to lure Gil close enough to the glass wall of his lair that a sample of his DNA can be taken by a mechanism operated at the control panel, which then prints a key to open the hidden doorway behind the false Oxy-Fill station outside. Having now been granted access to Persephone, the player is left to decide Gil's fate.

Gilbert's Fate (Choice) Edit


Gil in the tank.

Following Dr. Alexander's long-previously recorded guidance, the player is ultimately given the choice to electrify Alex's holding chamber through its sample disposal system, fulfilling Gil's wish to die, or spare him, for which his ADAM-produced alter-ego, Alex the Great, now begs. Towards the conclusion of the game, Sofia detonates the bombs which brings down Persephone into a deep trench, potentially killing Alexander. It is possible that Alexander escaped into the ocean (as he promises when begging for mercy). For the purposes of the ending, killing Alexander appears to be treated the same as any of the other NPCs.

Subject Delta's encounter with Dr. Alexander is represented by a statue in the hallucinatory version of Outer Persephone. If the player chose to kill Gilbert, the statue depicts Subject Delta battling a giant serpent (representing Alex the Great). If the player chose to let Gilbert live, the statue depicts Subject Delta pulling a man (presumably Dr. Alexander) out of the mouth of the giant serpent (again representing Alex the Great).

Audio Diaries Edit

BioShock 2Edit

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Bioshock 2 Fired fired FIRED!01:58

Bioshock 2 Fired fired FIRED!

Bioshock 2 Alex the Great03:47

Bioshock 2 Alex the Great

Killing Gill - Bioshock 2 (HD) Gameplay!!!04:13

Killing Gill - Bioshock 2 (HD) Gameplay!!!

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Gil Alexander's name was a tribute to Stephen Alexander, an FX artist at Irrational Games who was influential in the making of BioShock.[2]
  • Alex the Great, Gil's alias, is based on Alexander the Great, a famous Macedonian king.[3]
  • It is possible to see Gil's true form inside the tank with the use of console commands.[4]
  • As seen in concept art images from Deco Devolution artbook, Gilbert's tank would have originally been a giant sphere with large blue-lit portholes covering its metal surface.
  • Gil's Audio Diary, Agnus Dei, is a reference to the Latin phrase "Agnus Dei" meaning "Lamb of God". It refers to Jesus' sacrificial offering to atone for the sins of humanity.
  • During development of BioShock 2, before Gilbert Alexander was given an official name, employees at 2K Marin referred to him as the "The Guild Navigator" - a pun referencing the Dune novels.[5][6]
  • According to the subtitles' file of BioShock 2, the Audio Diary "Alpha Series" was removed from Fontaine Futuristics and not Dionysus Park as stated on Cult of Rapture.

References Edit

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