Before long, Rapture will split wide… and take wing. Imago is coming.
― Gideon Wyborn[src]

Gideon Wyborn is a lepidopterist living in Rapture and a member of The Rapture Family.


PaupersDrop 29

Wyborn's room in The Sinclair Deluxe, accessible during the events of BioShock 2.

After times became rough in the underwater utopia, Wyborn ended up living in The Sinclair Deluxe of Pauper's Drop. His current state of financial being didn't kill Wyborn's enthusiasm, but he continued his interest by setting up a butterfly farm in his apartment with various cages and dome displays. One of the prime symbols of Sofia Lamb religion was the Imago of the Blue Morpho Butterfly, representing the rebirth of the people. Wyborn soon joined the cult and was given a task that fitted him well; creating badge replicas of the Blue Morpho for The Rapture Family, being the Ichthys of Lamb's followers.[1]

Audio DiaryEdit

BioShock 2Edit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Gideon Wyborn Alt

Alternative portrait.

  • Gideon Wyborn has an alternative Audio Diary portrait found in the game files.
  • Gideon Wyborn shares his voice actor with Mike Novak and Tommy Hanrahan.[2]


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