BaSE1-AudioDiaryIcon3 Title Ghost in the Machine
Speaker Herschel Weiss
Level Fontaine's Department Store
Date December the 27th, 1958
Ghost in the Machine
Ghost in the Machine
Transcript: You thought the whole ice sculpture fiasco was just gonna bounce off you, didn't you, Ryan? Well, you ain't made of rubber. You got your Circus of Values selling your goods, security devices protecting your property... You think you own them, but you don't. I'm learning how to turn your creations against you. I promise you one thing: machine gun bullets don't bounce.

Location: In the middle dressing room at the Prêt-à-Porter department.

VP gNr093-lNr09 Herschel Weiss - Ghost in the Machine f0688 VP gNr093-lNr09 Herschel Weiss - Ghost in the Machine f0689

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